Sourcing local, right down to the mustard, starts with My Kind of Mustard.

San Jose Born. Rooted in Canada.

The all new American mustard, deliciously diverse with one thing in common, unbeatable taste! Our Canadian heritage mustards have been satisfying Albertans for over 25 years. California here we come!

San Francisco bay area foodies, mustard lovers, chefs, restaurateurs, this could be epic! Sourcing local? Make it happen right down to the mustard. We provide the best quality, the revitalized tradition, the new edge in flavor for a healthy mustard.

To your health! From my Father's table to yours!

Ben and Irene Painter, your San Jose mustard makers.

Our Story

Canadian heritage family mustard recipes

My Kind of Mustard is based out of San Jose, California. The beginning of the story does not start here. 25 years ago our Canadian family started a homemade mustard and jam business in Alberta, Canada. After 12 years of conducting business in the Calgary area they relocated to Edmonton, Alberta; taking with them their heritage recipe book of homemade jams, jellies, mustards, salsas and marmalades.

The Jam Lady continues to serve local flavor to Edmontonians and surrounding areas; making some of the very best mustard out there!

Today the tradition continues. The timeless mustard varieties that have been created through the generations have been passed down to us. Our mustards have bold flavors and unique combinations that are deliciously diverse and have unbeatable taste. They are made using quality and simple ingredients that unlock exquisite flavors.

Our family company has a mission to bring these timeless varieties and flavors to Californians, the US and the World!

Enjoy your taste of the prairies!


"When making a Tofurkey sandwich for my eight year old daughter yesterday, I asked her what kind of mustard she wanted, she replied; "red pepper curry!". All of us enjoy the several flavor blended mustards you have available, looking forward to tasting new flavors in the future." Timothy D. Vargas, Hayward, CA

"It IS my kind of mustard...just darn good!" Steve Austin, San Jose, CA

"I love using these mustards!! They are delicious on a grilled cheese. I have also made a wonderful salad dressing using the red pepper curry mustard. I find a way to use these mustards in so many different recipes. All I can say is 'Yum!'"
Torie Dye, Los Altos, CA


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