Culinary Inspirations - Transforming Ordinary Into Gourmet
  • Olive oil blended with any My Kind of Mustard varieties tossed with garden-fresh lettuce and vegetables
  • Straight up on sandwiches and burgers
  • Charcuterie Plates (appetizer plates blending meats, cheeses, and selective vegetables)
  • My Kind of Mustard dipping sauce for veggies, bread, or pretzels
  • Marinade for meat, poultry and fish,or apply similarly as BBQ sauce
  • Mustard blending with cream cheeses for a smooth or grainy spread on crackers or breads
  • Toss mustard into a bowl of fresh cooked pasta or rice with a hint of herb garnish
  • Mix in with egg or potato salad for a flavor of its own
  • Try the mustard as a dip for steamed artichokes instead of traditional mayonnaise
Community Participation and Support
Proud Member of the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce

Special Event and Fundraising Support
Let us help you provide healthy, tasty options for your next fundraiser, company or family gathering, BBQ, silent auction, culinary or general event.

In Store Product Demos
The taste tells it all! Interested in having our product in your store, gift shop, cafe, or restaurant? We are always happy to come by and meet the public and provide samples to your customers and you.

Gift Basket Assembly
If you create gift baskets or are preparing gift baskets for an event, we can help by providing an assortment of specialty, gourmet mustards. We can also assemble gift baskets for your event or personal use. Order Form

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